Mombasa Law Society gives warm welcome to Justice Cecil H.E. Miller


THE friendliness of Mombasa citizens is even warmer than the heat of its midday sun,” declared Mr. Justice Miller when addressing a dinner party given by the Law Society, Mombasa, at. the Oceanic Hotel on Saturday. Said the society president, Mr. I. T. Inamdar: “We welcome his appointment as judge in Kenya, which coincides with the beginning of a new era in Kenya. The last two years have witnessed epoch-making changes in the constitutional and political structure of this country. Whilst the judicial and legal system have not changed very much, remaining predominantly British in tradition, colonial rule having left behind quite an impressive corpus of legislation embracing practically every field of life, there are bound to be changes in this regard.”

“But,” said Mr. Inamdar, “whether or not there are any changes, the independent status of Kenya, its new Constitution, in my opinion lays a very heavy burden on judges and lawyers, particularly in so far as the maintenance of law and order, and preservation of the Constitutional liberties are concerned. “Our country has made an excellent start in this regard, and it is heartening to note that judges of the experience and calibre of Mr. Justice


Miller after being appointed to meet this challenge.” In reply, Mr. Justice Miller said: “Irrespective of whatever changes may take place in the Kenya Republic, I for one sincerely hope that those principles which we learned during our training as English barristers, and were made to appreciate as the bulwark of justice, will never be seen to falter or weaken. Current history has shown that some countries, after attaining independence have moved away from the paths of realism in justice. The way we have been trained to see it, it is still worthwhile to bear in mind — even though the English from bench and bar may depart — that we should strive manfully to maintain those principles. I am sure you will share my views for they mean something to the entire civilized world.” Mr. ,Justice Miller received
strong support when, turning to Mombasa, he declared: “The court buildings in which you perform your duties do not amount to much more than a shambles.” He added: “One of the reasons why I am forced to, stay in my corner of the court is because I feel really frightened of the noise from passing vehicles, leaving me with the impression they will blow their way right . through the very court itself. “I shall continue to squeal until such time when I can see in Mombasa a building with all the necessary rooms reason-ably extending the dignity of the law and administration of justice.” The party was given to welcome Mr. Justice Miller and his wife to Mombasa. Mr. Justice Miller is from British Guiana.

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