Chief Justice Cecil H.E. Miller raps corrupt lawyers


President Moi (Above) criticized lawyers on their conduct

Chief Justice Cecil H.E. Miller yesterday challenged lawyers to clean their house.And he directed that lawyers would now have to pay court fees in full before filing any litigation with the courts.
Mr Justice Miller told new advocates that he is certain they are aware of the repeated distasteful cries that some advocates are unfair to their clients and called on them to go out in the Geld and correct this image.

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Justice Cecil HE Miller in Court

He was officiating during the swearing in of 124 new advocates of the high court of Kenya yesterday. The number is the highest single group of lawyers who have been sworn since independence in one day.

Lawyers have recently come up under heavy criticism from the public and various leaders including President Moi who have questioned the unprofessional behavior of some of them.
The President recently said he should soon set up a commission to probe the dubious activities of lawyers and asked wananchi to come out and give evidence freely so that the culprits could be unmasked and their true colors exposed.

The President criticized the lawyers for talking too much about human rights yet they were the same people who trampled on the rights of wanainchi.

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