Prosecutor Cecil H.E. Miller seeks severe punishment for woman who sent marijuana to Nigerian student

WOMEN and children —more than 50 of them — wept on the grounds at a Lagos Magistrate’s Court yesterday as a 60-year-old woman Ibijoke Johnson, was led away by the police to begin a jail term of 6 months, with the Court Turns Down Plea For Fine

Yesterday a Lagos Magistrate, Mr. Ade Mr. Mumuni observed that found Ibijoke guilty of illegally exporting 15 lb of Indian hemp (worth about Euros 15,000) through 29-year-old Juliana .

Giving his judment, Mr Mumuni said he believed the evidence of all the prosecution witnesses, especially the evidence of miss Collins and that of the U.K detective sergeant John Leach.

Mr. Mumuni observed that under the law the punishment for the offense committed by Ibijoke was 1,000 euros or 10 years imprisonment or both.

But, in sending the woman to jail for 6 months he had taken her age into consideration and been lenient with her.

Addressing the court earlier, Mr H.E Miller told the court that the prestige of Nigeria was involved in the case, bearing in mind that the country was bound by international agreement on stopping the importation of dangerous drugs.

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